Institutions found:
KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.
KGHM engages in the extracting and processesing of valuable natural resources, with the largest Euopean deposits of copper ore located in the...
Tel. (+48) 76 74 78 200
Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA (PGNiG)
PGNiG is a state-owned natural gas, oil and energy producer.
Tel. (+48) 22 589 45 55
PKN Orlen
We operate six refineries and the region's largest network of service stations located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania. We process...
Tel. (+48) 24 256 00 00
Grupa Azoty
The Grupa Azoty Group is one of the leading players on the European fertilizer and chemical markets. The Group comprises a number of entities, including:...

Tel. +48 14 637 37 37
PKP Cargo
PKP CARGO Group is Poland's largest, and Europe's second largest railway freight transport operator, with PLN 4,55bn in revenue, transporting 116mn...

Tel. (+48) 32 722 14 14
National Health Fund (NFZ)
National Health Fund (NFZ) is responsible for financing mediacal care for the insured in the Polsih public healthcare system. Its financing comes from...

Tel. (+48) 22 572 60 00
Ministry of National Education

Tel. (+48) 22 34 74 100
Ministry of Family, Labour and social Policy
Ministry of Family, Labour and social Policy oversees realization fo the following aspects of government's policy: labour social...

Tel. (+48) 222 500 108
Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance (MF) is a governmental administration office servicing the minister competent for the state budget, public finance and financial...

Tel. (+48) 22 694 55 55
Ministerstwo Gospodarki Morskiej i Żeglugi Śródlądowej
Ministry of maritime economy and inland navigation -

Tel. (+48) 22 583 86 70
Ministerstwo Przedsiębiorczości i Technologii
Ministry of entrepreneurship and technology - the ministry's main goals are; improving on the quality of developmental processes...

Tel. (+48) 222 500 130
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
The Ministry oversees the following epects of gevernment's policy: agriculture rural development agricultural markets  
Tel. (+48) 22 623 10 00